Perfume of Grasse

You have no doubt dreamt of the day you would find your own personal fragrance. One that is exclusively yours. The scents and smells that will remind you of fond memories, of people, places and things which seduced you. A scent uniquely “you”, one which will distinguish you from all others. This dream is now possible in Grasse where, in the studios of Fragrances, you may come and create your own personal perfume.


Confiserie Florian

While on the French Riviera, a visit to the confiserie Florian is a must. Transformation of fruits and flowers into delicious sweets and candies perpetrates a long standing tradition in confectionery.  Close to the ‘Gorges du Loup’, an exceptionally beautiful canyon starting at ‘Pont du Loup’, you will find the confiserie Florian, built on the river Loup where you will discover the manufacturing secrets of crystallized flowers, jam, fruit, confit, chocolates and sweets.