Join us at the table for an evening dinner

2 times a Week, Stefaan and Véronique organise an evening dinner for the guests: on Monday and Thursday evening.  Of course, you are not obliged to participate.  You can decide during your breakfast if you would like to join or not.  Experience has learned that these moments are very liked by the guests.  On these evenings you Don’t have to look, reservate and drive to a restaurant.

  • tables dhôtes, moment conviviale
    A table!

All together

In contradiction to the breakfast moments, evening meals are served at one long table for guests who are joining.  Also an Opportunity to get to know each other better.

Make your own pizza

Sometimes, we even let you prepare your own dish.  Especially on the evenings when there’s pizza on the menu.  A pizza is very famous in this region (Italy is not so far away and the city of Nice was originally called ‘Nizza’).  Young or older…everybody likes to make his own pizza with self-choosed toppings on it.  Your pizza will then be made in a special pizza oven with wood pallets.

  • Un four à 500 degrés